Privacy Policy

VQV Holdings, Ltd.

Street Mojis™ and VQV Holdings, Ltd. do not collect any data whatsoever or at any time when you use the Street Mojis™ app or any of its Extensions, other than to store locally any new emojis that you yourself may create and wish to add to the catalog of emojis.

Street Mojis™ is an entirely transparent app that only stores any emojis that you may create locally on your Device, and only transmits PNG or JPEG format image files of said emojis, via Apple iOS built-in internet communication services such as SMS messaging, to the intended recipients of your emoji-containing chat messages.

Street Mojis™ does not store locally, or transmit off-device any history of its usage and is unaware of any of the services in iOS which transmit Street Mojis™ art images off-device other than to present image data to said services. The only function of Street Mojis™ is to present entertaining images which you select and prepare to the built-in communications services provided by Apple iOS.